Mountain Lion Hunts

Kings of the Mountain!

There is no other animal more feared and more dominant in the mountains of New Mexico than the mountain lion. For the lion, all are prey including deer and elk. Mountain lion hunting is the pinnacle of hunting, for these big cats are the kings of the mountain. If you are ready to find out if you have what it takes to challenge the king, then it is time to book a guided hunt with Double J Outfitters.


In the chill of the mountain snow, breath visible in the crisp air, as your group stands huddled together, looking over the last set of tracks before they suddenly stopped... and in the silence of the mountain cold, you can hear the dogs faint barking. That's it, they've got the scent!


These are moments that make our heart beat fast, this is the moment of the hunt that will lead to stories, laughter, and memories. And for many hunters, a trophy or two as well. This is mountain lion hunting and the guided hunts we offer.  These are the experiences, memories, and moments you will make. Whether or not you bring home a trophy is up to you.


Are you ready to take on the king of the mountain, to challenge the beast of all beasts? The muscle, the teeth, the power, the agility, there is no other hunt that compares. They are as beautiful as they are dangerous, and they will test your nerve and challenge your skills as a hunter. Are you king (or queen) of the mountain?


Contact Double J Outfitters and learn about our guided hunts and mountain lion hunting, and find out if you are ready to take down the king of the mountain. Are you ready to take your shot?

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